Muslim Association Of Malawi Praises Halaal Department

Muslim Association of Malawi has praised Halaal Department for making sure that Halaal food is easily accessible to the Muslim Community in Malawi.

Malawian Tends Toward Halaal

A growing number of Christians in Malawi have turned to use Halal food, claiming it falls in line with the teachings of the Holy Bible which emphasizes on strict hygienic standards for “healthy living,” and opening a niche market for Muslim products.

Halaal & Kosher, Are they Interchangeable and Exchangeable?

Despite this irrevocable determinate, some believe that Kosher equates to Halaal and one can switch from one to the other when a “need” arises.

How to look for Halaal Foods

Here are Ten tips you can use to identify whether the food is halaal or not.