Halaal Department Staff Urged To Uphold Halaal

Employees of the Halaal Department (HD) of the Muslim Association had been urged to uphold Halaal as commanded by Allah. This was advised by Sheikh Muhammad Silika at Blantyre Lodge during HD employees’ annual workshop held from 13th to 15th January 2023. He said that Halaal belongs to Allah and it was He who declared what are Halaal and Haraam and no-one has that right beside Him. If any person found declaring anything to be Halaal while Allah has forbidden it or vice-versa, that person was exceeded the limit and would be committing a major sin. Sheikh Silika while recommending the good work delivered by the employees, he advised them to be cautious when making rulings regarding the status of products in food industry.

Sheikh Silika who is also one of HD’s Theological Directors and signatory of HD certificates, advised the employees to remain hygienic at all times. He reminded the audience in relation to the Cholera outbreak that Allah loves those who maintain cleanliness and often seeking for forgiveness from Him. He went on to challenge the audience that if a Muslim maintains hygienic practices, he cannot be affected by the disease. He explained that Cholera outbreak has come because of poor hygienic practices by people. He said that the only way to prevent it was to remain at the state of cleanliness.

The workshop was attended by over 70 participants, 50 of them were direct HD staff from countrywide and 22 Muslim Employees from Blantyre District. The workshop was organized by HD and hosted annually with the objective of refreshing the employees’ role in order for them to discharge their noble duty diligently.

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