Establishments That Have Changed Business Name And Location But Still Halaal

The Halaal Department would like to inform all Muslims and the general public that the following establishment have Changed business name and location but still Halaal certified.

1. The Meat Up Butchery changed name to SB 1 Butchery
2. The Coffee Culture changed name to Lux Downtown
3. Sunbake Bakery in Salima Town, now it is a Bakery outlet
4. Full on Fish Deli changed name to Boss Fisheries Deli
5. Moon Puffs near Bakheresa in Limbe moved to new location near Auction Holding Ltd, Mpingwe
6. Chicken Cottage Restaurant – Chichiri Shopping Mall changed name to Krazy Foods
7. Beefco Beef Abattoir – Mpemba changed name to Go Fresh Ltd (Abattoir)
8. Beefco Beef Abattoir – Off Likuni Road, Lilongwe Changed name to Go Fresh Ltd (Abattoir)
9. Prime Poultry Processing Poultry Abattoir changed name to Go Fresh Poultry Ltd (Abattoir)
10. Chilli’s Restaurant – Queens Mall, Lilongwe now trading as Strong Life International Bakery

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