Unauthorized Printing of Halaal Department Emblem and the Abuse of The Word ‘Halaal’ ‘Halal’ ’حلال‎‎’ By Some Businesses

The Halaal Department (HD) is a regulatory body under the Muslim Association of Malawi, whose main function and duties is to uphold Halaal standards according to Shariah (Islamic Law) in any given circumstances of products and services.

It has been discovered that some businesses are displaying the word ‘Halaal’ ‘Halal’ ‘حلال‎‎’ and HD logo at their premises and on products illegally, when they actually know that their businesses/ products are not Halaal certified by Halaal Department. 

The use of the word ‘Halaal’ ‘Halal’ ‘حلال’‎ ‎ and HD logo is to indicate that the bearer and its products/ services has undergone rigorous and extensive inspections from Halaal Department (HD) and that the sources, ingredients, and operations are in accordance with the Shariah principles. 

HD wishes to inform the public that the words ‘Halaal’ ‘Halal’ ‘حلال‎‎’ and HD logo are protected emblems of HD, and can only be used under conformity with HD standards and conditions.

Therefore, HD is urging the public not to use the aforementioned emblems unless with the consent or approval of HD. Those who will insist in using these words or the logo illegally will face stern legal action.

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