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Halaal Department (HD) Hold Annual Muslim Markets Slaughterers Workshop.

The Halaal Department (HD) recently conducted a work shop with Market slaughterers from Blantyre and sounding districts. The workshop took place at Islamic Information Bureau in Limbe. The event was one of the activities that HD conducts every year. The aims of the workshop were high, as HD examined many challenges the Halaal operations face […]

Carmine Is Impermissible To Consume

Did you know that Carmine is impermissible to consume? An ingredients found in many food product. Also known as Crimson Lake, Cochineal, Natural Red 4 and E120. Please exercise caution! Call 01840560 for more information.

Islamic Method Of Slaughtering Animals Is More Humane Than Any Other Methods

According to the researchers, this Islamic method of slaughter is more humane than any other methods.