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Q: I work with a Muslim who imports foodstuff and medicine. Sometimes the products are expired and the workers are told to alter the date of expiration to a later date. My job is delivery so I have to deliver these expired goods. Is it halal for me to keep this job? I am also […]
Q: When a haraam product is sold by a Muslim, will the only the profits be haraam for him or will the capital cost of the haraam item also become haraam for the seller even though the seller had purchased the haraam item from halaal resources. Answer If a Muslim sells a Haraam product such as […]
Q: I currently live in the U.S. My dad is planning on buying a store where cigarettes are being sold. It is a very successful business but he is uncertain if in Islam the selling of cigarettes is haram or not. Note that my family is aware of how dangerous it is for one’s health so […]
Q: Is Zakaah payable on a vending machine? Answer If one engages in the trading of vending machines; i.e. one is selling such machines, then Zakaat will be Fardh on its value at the end of the Zakaatable year, provided that its value (after deduction of current debts and expenses) equals to or exceeds the amount […]
Q: I own a shopping center and leased it out to a non-Muslim who opened a liquor store. Is the lease payment that I am receiving halal or haram? I am not drinking it, selling it, or buying it. Answer In principle, it is not permissible to lease a premises for the sale of intoxicants. […]
Q: I want to sell malt in my shop, but according to my friend i can’t because people make beer from it.Is he right? if answer is yes then what about brown sugar, maize meal, etc they can also make beer from it. Answer It will be permissible to sell malt because as much as […]
Q: One of my friends, a businessman, recently imported a huge quantity of dates which involved big money. Unfortunately, the shipment was received much later than was due. My friend was shocked to see that the whole lot of dates was in a state of decay. Having no way out, my friend decided to dump […]
Q: How much profit are we entitled to make when selling a product? Answer The Shari’ah has not stipulated a fixed amount of profit one is allowed to gain when selling an item. However it would be highly indecent of one to ask a hefty and exorbitant price. There should be no trickery and deception […]
Q: The prophet (peace be upon him) said “None of your women who are pregnant and eat of water melon will fail to produce offspring who are good in countenanace and good in character. (is this melon or watermelon?) Answer None of the narrations regarding the melon have been established besides the fact that Rasulullah […]
[The following is extracted from F?kihatul Bust?n, a Fiqh book dealing with slaughter and hunting issues. It was written by al-?All?mah Mu?ammad H?shim bin ?Abdil Ghan? as-Sind? (d. 1174 Hijri). The following passages explain things which may indicate life in an animal and thus render its slaughter valid ? SANHA] Know that the indications of […]