Is Zakaat payable on a vending machine?

Q: Is Zakaah payable on a vending machine?
If one engages in the trading of vending machines; i.e. one is selling such machines, then Zakaat will be Fardh on its value at the end of the Zakaatable year, provided that its value (after deduction of current debts and expenses) equals to or exceeds the amount of Zakaat Nisaab.

However, if a vending machine is hired or bought and installed on one’s premises for the purpose of vending beverages, chocolates, etc.; i.e. utilised as an instrument of gaining profits then there will not be Zakaat on the value of machine itself. Yes, there will be Zakaat on the proceeds accrued from the sale of the beverages, etc. as that income will be added onto one’s other Zakaatable assets for its Zakaat to be discharged at the end of the Zakaatable year.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best