Every day in our lives there is possible danger even amongst ourselves, as professing Muslims of consuming products which have been forbidden as Haraam. These products are not consumed intentionally but indirectly and unknowingly because they are available in shopping outlets and bearing another name. We might think this is not possible. But this is happening and it is becoming widespread. Pork and certain products and ingredients like Gelatin which is made from pigs are forbidden by Allah, but are being eaten indirectly by some Muslims.

He (Allah) has forbidden you only the dead animals, blood and fresh of swine and that animal on which Allah’s name has not mentioned) (Quran 2: 173).

Swine (Pork) is prohibited by Allah. There are certain products and ingredients that are derived from animals like gelatin, which is from pig and other animals. Human hair, chicken feathers, cow horn, petroleum by products and synthetic materials are used to produce L-Cysteine. Bakery products may contain human hair and you may not even realize it. It comes in the form of L-Cysteine, a non-essential amino acid. Amino Acids are building block of proteins. L-Cystine is used as producing agent in bakery products.

L-Cystine is used in Bagels, Croissants, Hard rolls Cake Donuts, Pita Bread, some Crackers and Melba Toast. It is also used as nutrient in baby milk formular and dietary supplements. Human hair is the cheapest sources for L-Cysteine.

Are the bread bakery products you are eating Halaal? Think of the Pig bristle brushes they are using for basting, the lard-based pan-grease agents for baking and jelly from Gelatin which is used in cakes and other confectionaries. Next time when you are about to bite a sausage or your favorite oven fresh bread or doughnut, stop and think for a second; you might be eating pork or human hair in another name but indirectly.

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