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Halaal and Haraam Foods

Did it ever cross your mind what food and drinks are Halaal and Haraam in Islamic Shariah and the reason behind for prohibiting and allowing some? Allah Subhanah Wata’ala mentions in the Qur’an Surat Al Baqarah: 168. ‘O! People eat what is on earth lawful and good’. He also mentions in Surat Al-Araf: 157. ‘He […]

New Approvals September 2019

The Halaal Department (HD) would like to inform all Muslims and the general public that the following establishments have been certified Halaal from 12 th September 2019 and are intitled to use HD signage.

Businessmen At Mbulumbuzi Market Want Halaal Department Certification.

Businessmen at Mbulumbuzi Market in Chiradzulu District in the Southern part of Malawi expressed concern about lack of Halaal certified places in the district despite the district bordering with Blantyre City

Closed Establishments September 2019

The Halaal Department (HD) would like to inform all Muslims and the general public that the following establishments have been Closed.

New Approvals For August 2019

The following are the Establishments that have been certified by Halaal Department. Meatco Halaal Butchery located at Gf, Pamudzi, Blantyre Meatco Restaurant located at Gf, Pamudzi, Bantyre. Mr. Meat Butchery locted at Grivillia Avenue, Limbe.  

Closed Establishments for July 2019

The following are the closed establishments for July 2019. 1  Zerina Restauran- Malangalanga Road ,Lilongwe 2 Argos Butchery  – Area 3, Lilongwe 3 Speedy’s Shop  – Area 9, Lilongwe 4 African Honey & Food Products –    Kanengo, Lilongwe 5 Megabite Restaurant   Next to Game Complex, Lilongwe

Halaal Department (HD) Hold Annual Muslim Markets Slaughterers Workshop.

The Halaal Department (HD) recently conducted a work shop with Market slaughterers from Blantyre and sounding districts. The workshop took place at Islamic Information Bureau in Limbe. The event was one of the activities that HD conducts every year. The aims of the workshop were high, as HD examined many challenges the Halaal operations face […]

Clarification On KFC Malawi–Halaal Certification

The Halaal Department (HD) would like to clarity the allegation which is circulating on the social media regarding KFC restaurants Halaal status. The allegation says that all KFC restaurants are not Halaal Certified. It is untrue, fabrication, totally unfounded and should be treated with the contempt it deserves. The truth of the matter is that […]

Carmine Is Impermissible To Consume

Did you know that Carmine is impermissible to consume? An ingredients found in many food product. Also known as Crimson Lake, Cochineal, Natural Red 4 and E120. Please exercise caution! Call 01840560 for more information.

New Approvals July 2019

The following are the newly approved Halaal establishment for July 2019.  (Signed Certified)

1 MNI Macadamia (EPZ) (Food Manufacturer)  – New 1 street, Thyolo
2 Conforzi Plantation Tea (Food Manufacturer) –  New 1 street, Thyolo