New Approvals September 2019

Last modified on October 7th, 2019 at 10:31 am

The Halaal Department (HD) would like to inform all Muslims and the general public that the following establishments have been certified Halaal from 12 th September 2019 and are intitled to use HD signage.

a. Moon Puffs – Near Bakheressa, Limbe
b. Lifestyle Industries Ltd – Maselema
c. F&F Industries – Opp. UDF Office, Limbe
d. Chombe Foods Ltd – Kristwick, Blantyre
e. Joe Clean Investments – Near Meat Connection, Blantyre
f. Ndunde Quality Foods – Bangwe
g. Mr. Meat Butchery – Grevilia Avenue, Limbe
h. Meatco Halaal Butchery & Restaurant Pamudzi Park
i. 109 Restaurant – Ndirande
j. Garden Kralls Butchery – Chirimba
k. Super Butchery – Nthukwa, Chilomoni
l. 2 Ps Butchery – Mkwepu market, Makhetha
m. 2Ps Butchery – Mkwate Bus stage, along Machinjiri Road
n. Sana Cash & Carry – Off Magalasi-Nyambadwe Road

a. Tambala Butchery
b. Roffie’s Catering Services
c. J. Luka & Daughters Butchery

a. J&D Butchery 1
b. J&D Butchery 2
c. Abiti Restaurant

a. Ahad Supermarket (Mangochi Round About, Mangochi Boma)
b. Jorano Shop (near Chomba Market)
c. Lakeside Butchery (Maldeco Trading Centre)
d. Active Restaurant (Near Kalonga Masjid)
e. Bahat Restaurant (Monkey Bay)
f. Mjomba Restaurant (Monkey Bay)

a. Sana Cash & Carry – Luwinga
b. Zaviya Cash & Carry – Opp. Bata Shoes
c. Nyerenda Butchery – Chibavi

a. Taza Restaurant (Mzimba Road)
b. Mugg & Bean Restaurant
c. Meat Centre Butchery

a. Nyama Ndiwo Farm Butchery
b. Eclipse Lodge Restaurant

a. G. Mcheman (Pvt) Butchery
b. Praise Take-Way
c. Kasungu Main Market Butchery

a. God’s Favours Restaurant

a. Dish & Curry Health Foods

Tamani Delicious Foods

Angeke Restaurant (Dyeratu Trading Centre)

Zahida Catering Consultants – Malawi University of Science and Technology

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