New Approvals July 2020

Last modified on October 6th, 2020 at 2:35 pm

The Halaal Department (HD) would like to inform all Muslims and the general public that the following establishments have been certified Halaal from 1st July 2020 are entitled to use HD signage.

a. N2 Infinity Lounge – BAT, Opp. The Polytechinic, Blantyre.
b. Millie’s Artisan Cafe (Maravi Brands Coffee Shop) – Kristwick, Blantyre.
c. Panando’s Restaurant – Opp. Axa  Bus Head Office, Blantyre
d. Afro Foods Restaurant – Total S/station, near Limbe Market.
e. Lalala Restaurant – Lilongwe City Mall.
f. Marylane Ice & Spice Restaurant – Lilongwe City Mall
g. The Coffee Culture – Zainab House, Maselema, Limbe.

a. Umar Shopping Centre – behind Limbe old Bus Depot.
b. Central Poultry – Kameza Round About, Blantyre.
c. Central Poultry – Luwanda Trading Centre, Machinjiri, Blantyre.
d. Central Poultry – Engen Filling Station, Chigumula, Limbe.
e. Globe Investment – Puma F/Station, along Glyn Jones Road, Blantyre.
f. Taqwa Maximum Fresh Food, Madulira Market, Machinjiri, Blantyre.

Market Butcheries:
a. Kachomoza Butchery – Limbe Market.
b. Takulandirani Butchery – Bangwe Main Market.
c. Takulandirani Butchery – Bangwe Banana.
d. 2P’s Butchery Madulira – Market.

Main Bakeries:
a. Maravi Bake – Kristwick, Blantyre.
b. Panda Bakery – Petroda Filling Statin, Area 47.

Food Manufacture
a. Vitarish Investment. –  Kanengo, Lilongwe.

Beef Abattoir:
a. CNB Beef Abattoir – Njewa, Lilongwe.

Meat Processor
a. The Butcher Shop – Kristwick Blantyre.


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