How to look for Halaal Foods

Last modified on March 6th, 2018 at 4:12 pm

Here are Ten tips you can use to identify whether the food is halaal or not.

1.  In buying processed foods, give priority on products with Halaal Logo.

2. Do not be fooled with products written the Halaal word on their labels. This can be fake. Be sure that the Halaal logo is of genuine Halaal Certifying body.

3. Take note of the certifying body, it must be accredited worldwide to insure reliability of its Certification.

4. Always read the ingredients listed on the labels, especially if the product does not bear Halaal Logo of a reputable certifying body.

5. If you are in doubt with the ingredients, the product should not be consumed then it is better for you to avoid it.

6. Check whether the sources of the doubtful ingredients are of animal origin. The common doubtful ingredients are; Gelatine, Fats, Flavorings, enzymes  and  Stearin.

7. In buying processed meats, check where it is coming from; Because processed meat (value added products) e.g. Sausages, Polonies, burgers from non Islamic countries are generally not Halaal. Be sure that the container bears Halaal logo and take not of tip 2 and 3.

8. In buying bakery products, determine its rolls, some may contain animal fats or brandy.

9. if you want to eat in a restaurant or fast foods, look for the one that serves Halaal foods.

10. If there is no Halaal restaurant around, it is safer to eat in a seafood restaurant, but always verify the food ingredients inquire what are the additives   used especially oil and flavorings.

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