Certification of non-Muslim owned restaurants

Does Halaal Department certify non-Muslim owned restaurants?

As a general principle, non-Muslim owned restaurants are not given the option ofHalaal Department Halaal certification due to the logistical difficulty associated in regulating such a store. However, as an exception to the rule consideration will be given in the following instances:

  • An equitable active Muslim partner is involved in the business.

If there isn’t a Muslim partner then consideration will only be given if there is a genuine community need for such an establishment, subject to the following conditions:

  • A dire need from the local Muslim community can be established byHalaal Department management such as Muslim population in the area with no Halaal alternatives etc.
  • Motivational letters from contactable Muslim community members outlining the need for such certification.
  • Letters of referral from the local Muslim community leaders and Masjid Imaam.
    Full timeHalaal Department Muslim supervisors to oversee the Halaal programme.

If the above criteria are met, the said application will be tabled for discussion byHalaal Department’s senior management for a decision.