Press Releases

Unauthorized Printing of Halaal Department Emblem and the Abuse of The Word ‘Halaal’ ‘Halal’ ’حلال‎‎’ By Some Businesses

The Halaal Department (HD) is a regulatory body under the Muslim Association of Malawi, whose main function and duties is to uphold Halaal standards according to Shariah (Islamic Law) in any given circumstances of products and services. It has been discovered that some businesses are displaying the word ‘Halaal’ ‘Halal’ ‘حلال‎‎’ and HD logo at […]

Clarification On KFC Malawi–Halaal Certification

The Halaal Department (HD) would like to clarity the allegation which is circulating on the social media regarding KFC restaurants Halaal status. The allegation says that all KFC restaurants are not Halaal Certified. It is untrue, fabrication, totally unfounded and should be treated with the contempt it deserves. The truth of the matter is that […]

Certificate Terminated For Blue Savannah Restaurant

Blue Savanna Restaurant opposite Fatima Arcade along Haille Selassie Road in the city of Blantyre, Its certification has been terminated because its closed.

New Halaal Establishments from June 2018

The Halaal Department (HD) is pleased to inform all Muslims and the general public that the following establishments have been Certified Halaal from June, 2018.