Recent Announcements

Certificate Terminated For Blue Savannah Restaurant

Blue Savanna Restaurant opposite Fatima Arcade along Haille Selassie Road in the city of Blantyre, Its certification has been terminated because its closed.

Halaal Department (HD): Setting Standards For Halaal Certification

As a way of insuring that no discrepancies are committed in the process, and to make sure the system 100% full proof, HD applied full supervision from point of slaughter to the point of sale, something impossible with many Halaal Certifying Bodies.

HD Welcomes SANHA Delegation

The coming of SANHA delegation to Malawi is marked as very significant to both organizations because this will maintain the long and good relationship that the two Halaal Certifying Bodies have been enjoying since 1996.

New Halaal Establishments from June 2018

The Halaal Department (HD) is pleased to inform all Muslims and the general public that the following establishments have been Certified Halaal from June, 2018.